Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Whether it is anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues that are interfering with your daily tasks, our team at Newnan Family Medicine can help you with the best possible treatment to enhance your quality of life.

Your Trusted Partner for Mental Health and Wellness!t

Your Trusted Partner for Mental Health and Wellness!

Mental health is essential for your overall well-being. It impacts your ability to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. According to Mental Health America (MHA), 19% of adults live with a mental illness, and 4.55% of them have a severe mental illness. Further, CDC reveals the link between the COVID-19 pandemic and adults’ mental health. The percentage of adults with anxiety or depression increased from 36.4% to 41.5% during August 2020–February 2021.

Though mental illnesses are common, do not wait to get the required treatment and care. Untreated mental issues can increase your risk of unsafe and unhealthy behaviors, including alcohol/drug abuse, suicidal thoughts, and more.

If you or your loved one has a mental health disorder, visit us at Newnan Family Medicine Associates for prompt treatment and care. Primary care providers and psychiatric nurse practitioners provide comprehensive care focused on your mental wellness and overall well-being.

Personalized, Compassionate Mental Health Care for All

Personalized, Compassionate Mental Health Care for All

We believe the best medicine for mental disorders is to provide compassionate patient care with seamless coordination and support. That is why we follow a friendly and patient-centric approach. Our experts will evaluate your stressors, personal experiences, relationships, and traumas to better understand your mental health conditions and personalize your treatment plan accordingly.

Our mental health care services include:

  • Medications to manage mental health conditions
  • Treatment for acute withdrawal syndrome
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Referrals to specialists for complex cases
Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

While medications can help treat your mental health conditions, counseling also plays a crucial role in your mental wellness. Counseling can help you overcome previous trauma or mental challenges related to your situation, thus reducing stress, anxiety, anger, and other triggers. We offer one-on-one counseling with a professional mental health provider in a comfortable and confidential environment.

During the counseling session, we will discuss your mental health issues (such as depression, anger, relationship problems, stress, etc.) and the symptoms you have been experiencing. We will also review your medical and family history.

We will create a personalized treatment plan or refer you to a specialist based on the factors evaluated in the counseling session.

If you are looking for health care near you, contact us at Newnan Family Medicine Associates today to schedule an appointment.

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