Weight Loss and Management Program

The 1 issue in my Practice

Weight Loss and Management Program

Weight Loss & Management is a Serious and Common Concern
In 20 years of practice, the most common concern patients have is their weight. As a clinician, the greatest concern about an overweight or obese patient is the affect it has on their blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and heart. Obesity is a risk factor for every major health issue.

The Struggles

Common Struggles:

  • Gaining control over our weight is not a short-term project with an endpoint. For most, it is a lifelong struggle.
  • Patients tell me:
    • “There are good weeks and bad weeks. Good months and bad months.”
    • “This diet worked but I couldn’t keep it up. I liked that other diet, but it was not very effective.”
    • “I go through bouts of depression because of my weight”
    • “I fail most of the time when I try to lose weight.
  • My response to patients is that Oprah has every resource available. She has chefs, dieticians, personal trainers, access to fitness facilities in her home, therapist, yet she also struggles.
Why Is It Difficult to Lose Weight?

Why Is It Difficult to Lose Weight?

  1. We have too much access to cheap, high caloric, feel good, taste good food. This type of food is everywhere in massive quantities at fast food locations, in our homes and the workplace.
  2. We don’t walk or exercise enough to burn off calories and we sit all day. We park as close to our destination as possible, and even circle the parking lot to find a closer spot sometimes.
  3. We want results right now. It took months or years for us to weigh what we weigh now, but we want it gone tomorrow.
The Truth

The Truth

Long-term sustainable weight loss requires:

  • an organized plan
  • modification of behavior and habits
  • better sleep
  • more exercise
  • reducing stress
  • a thorough understanding of nutrition specific to you
  • patience
Our Solution

Our Solution

We have put together a weight management program that I believe is the best on the market. Our program combines medical interventions with nutrition and dieting education support as well as access to a fitness program you can do from home.

  • Monthly counseling from a nutritionist (via Nock Wellness) that will teach you about foods, and help you choose the best foods and diet path forward, specific to you. (separate fee)
  • Access to a yoga instruction via YogaFitTribe. This includes an initial counseling session with a yoga fitness instructor. Yoga has been proven to increase your flexibility, tone your muscles, build strength, decreases stress, and gives you more restful sleep. (separate fee)
  • Medications proven to assist in weight loss and support from our board-certified physician.

Your Health Investment

Initial intake fee: Covered by insurance where applicable

Monthly office visits: Covered by insurance where applicable

The Commitment

Are you willing to make a one-year commitment to address your weight struggles? If not our program, then what program? We can provide all the necessary components for successful weight loss success, but we cannot provide your commitment and patience.

To get started, call today at (770) 251-5540 or email Stacy Knowles at: stacy.k@newnanfamilymedicine.com

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