Preventive Health Care Services for Disease Prevention and Overall Well-Being

Preventive healthcare services are targeted to prevent diseases before they become major issues and also help you adopt healthier habits.

What Are the Benefits of Our Preventive Healthcare?

What Are the Benefits of Our Preventive Healthcare?

Preventive healthcare includes various medical treatments and lifestyle changes that reduce the risk of developing diseases and illnesses. Here are a few benefits of preventive healthcare:

  • Preventive care is cost-effective as it reduces trips to specialists and emergency rooms, saving your money.
  • Preventive healthcare helps us detect illnesses and conditions before they can progress into something serious that requires you to see specialist.
  • You can have a long-term relationship with our primary care team, who gives customized guidance and completely understands your health history.
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What is Preventive Healthcare?

What is Preventive Healthcare?

Newnan Family Medicine Associates P.C. is a full-service primary care clinic that provides preventive care for various diseases and conditions. Some our services include but are not limited to:

  1. Disease Screening
    Detection of a disease in its early stage can help prevent them, especially if you have a family history of certain diseases. Diseases like heart attack, stroke, nerve damage, and other serious illnesses can be averted with an early disease screening.
  2. Annual Physicals
    Annual physicals are critical to helping us manage your health! We review current lifestyle habits, family history, and analyze routine bloodwork to evaluate your state of health.
  3. Vaccinations
    We provide vaccines for diseases like flu, hepatitis, measles, shingles, tetanus, and more. The vaccines help you avoid getting infected with these diseases.
  1. Counseling
    Your mental health is just as important as your physical health! As your primary care provider, we are a great resource on addressing any mental health concerns. We provide counseling for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction, and more.
  2. Medications and Supplements
    Our preventive care may include prescribing medications and supplement recommendations. We help you reduce the risk factors of developing various illnesses.
  3. Lifestyle Changes
    Lifestyle changes are also a very important part of our preventive health care plan. Making lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce the risk of developing various diseases.
  4. Stress Management
    Stress is one of the great factors leading to chronic diseases and illnesses. We provide various techniques and guidance on how to manage stress.

At Newnan Family Medicines Associates, our certified physicians and practitioners have proficiency that enables them to provide comprehensive and continuous medical treatment to meet your medical needs in the long run.

If you or your loved ones need any time of primary care, then schedule an appointment today. You can also call us at 770-251-5540 or write to us at info@newnanfamilymedicine.com for further questions and issues.

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